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“When I first met Alba, I was blown away with her beauty, charm and talent. Alba brings so much energy and positivity to her projects. I personally have worked on 3 movies with Alba and it’s always a great experience. Alba goes above and beyond to bring the characters she portrays to life. Her emotions and expressions just add that much more to the character. Having Alba on your project is always an asset to the production.”

- Phil Herman, director and producer - "Astro"(2018), "Doomsday Stories" (2022)


I have a Master’s degree in Criminal science and used to work as an interpreter for the courts. A certified life coach, I even ran for local office in the 2017 legislative elections in the Tarn department (81). I am a certified fitness trainer and life coach.

School and work

As a French American, one of my strong points is being perfectly bilingual in English and French. I’m fluent in Spanish and I’m currently training in German, Korean, and Zulu. I am also a singer : after training as a lyric mezzo-soprano at the Conservatory, I now collaborate with other artists in writing and performing songs.


Ever since I saw The Lion King come out in theatres in 1994, and forcing my mother to stand in a crowded cinema while carrying me (ah, the good old days with limited seating), I knew that I wanted to act. After putting it off for a number of years (how a traditional upbringing can stunt you!), I arduously studied acting during the COVID lockdown and started booking in January 2021. Since, I’ve had multiple co-stars and guest stars, acted in indie films and have secured a number of principal roles in TV commercials (24 conflicts and counting!), as well as many industry films and web spots.

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Full of energy and an early bird (I've usually downed my first cup of coffee before 6AM), I can't help but be very punctual to work and systematically late for literally - EVERY - social event: I'm a true Parisian at heart (but have no fear! ETA never exceeds a 10-minute wait if we're meeting for lunch!). I love to live in the moment, and though I'm a slight control freak when it comes to hygiene, I can also be somewhat of a daredevil - nothing makes me more excited than when stunts let me step in to perform my own action scenes! I'm the happiest girl in the world when productions allow me to bring my service dog, Yuki, along with me.

What am I like to work with?

I am currently in training with Kenzo Lee. I practice weekly as a founding member with all-female hip-hop improv team Chrome XX.


I have a black belt in Tae Kwondo, and I’m a very avid runner. I also do crossfit, afro dancehall and heels.


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I love acting and have been writing my own projects for some time as well. Think I might be the right fit for your character? Or looking for a polyglot co-writer? Send me a message via the contact form and let’s chat – I’d love to hear from you!

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