A quirky dynamo just one butterfly wing away from chaos

I am a determined and versatile actress. I always take direction and put in the work to make sure you have the material you need to solidify your vision of the character – no matter which actress ends up being right for the job!

On time, hard-working and takes direction - not the frenchie you expect.

Hi, I’m Alba

“When I first met Alba, I was blown away with her beauty, charm and talent. Alba brings so much energy and positivity to her projects. I personally have worked on 3 movies with Alba and it’s always a great experience. Alba goes above and beyond to bring the characters she portrays to life. Her emotions and expressions just add that much more to the character. Having Alba on your project is always an asset to the production.”

- Phil Herman, director and producer - "Astro"(2018), "Doomsday Stories" (2022)

A professionally trained and eager actress who will do her best to truthfully fit your vision of the character.

A good film finds its power in a strong collaboration – and that’s what I aim to be: a dependable partner that will do her best to adapt to your needs and bring an added value to your project. Let’s chat about how I can help you to best bring your vision to life!

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I love acting and have been writing my own projects for some time as well. Think I might be the right fit for your character? Or looking for a polyglot co-writer? Send me a message via the contact form and let’s chat – I’d love to hear from you!

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