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Gorilla and the Bird


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Liar Liar

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The Honeymooners

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Everything started here for Alba O'Neill

Everything started here

Ever since I saw The Lion King come out in theatres in 1994, and forcing my mother to stand in a crowded cinema while carrying me (ah, the good old days with limited seating), I knew that I wanted to act. After putting it off for a number of years, mainly out of fear, I started working professionally in January 2020. Since, I’ve booked multiple roles in TV and film, several national and European TV commercials, and many industry films and web spots.


As a French American, one of my strong points is being perfectly bilingual in English and French. I’m currently training in German, Korean, and Zulu. I am also a singer : after training as a lyric mezzo-soprano at the Conservatory, I now collaborate with other artists in writing and performing songs.

Alba O'neill french actress lifestyle photoshoot
Alba O'neill french actress lifestyle photoshoot

School and work

I have a Master’s degree in Criminal science and used to work as an interpreter for the courts. A certified life coach, I even ran for local office in the 2017 legislative elections in the Tarn department (81).


I have a black belt in Tae Kwondo, and I’m a very avid runner (Toulouse marathon / Paris 21k / 10k in 48 minutes). I have also practiced crossfit, bike racing, afro dancehall, heels and hip hop. I master the basics of modern jazz, fencing and swimming. My current favorite sport is longboarding (just cruising for now).

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Training actually playing at


I am currently in training at Playhouse Paris with Mark & Tracy Pellegrino, and have also trained at many American and French acting studios. I practice weekly with my all-female hip-hop improv team Chrome XX, under the watchful eye of our amazing coach, Derek Reid (The GroundlingsMichelle Danner Studio).

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Alba O'Neill french actress on set
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